Core Team

Founding Members

Calvin Pak

CEO & Co-founder

A multi-industry veteran, Calvin has built for traditional firms, such as Zappos,JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Calvin has led the development of three DeFi projects: Titans Finance (front-end wallet), Maximus (on-chain bank), and Molecule (exchange protocol). He earned an EECS (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Shain Lafazan

CTO & Co-founder

Shain has designed and built critical infrastructure for cybersecurity, medical imaging, and insurance companies. He has co-led the development of numerous DeFi projects, both with Calvin and others. Shain graduated from UC Santa Barbara and now mentors young developers across the South Bay of Silicon Valley.

Andrew Bakst

Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew is currently the Managing Director of Bizantine Capital. Previously, he was a Partner at Crusoe Capital and Director of Bizantine Consulting Group. He received a BS in Product Design from Stanford University.

Eric Yuan

Head of Community

An early adopter of BTC during Los Angeles scene before everyone took off for Puerto Rico. Previously was 2X BTC  Startup founder and owner , Bitcorati (crypto social networking and news media that tip BTC for posts) and  501cVerify ( help people to donate BTC to charities and non profit) . He was Trade Associate, Portfolio Management, and Risk & Compliance at PIMCO as well as founder employee of a global macro hedge fund manager at TG Capital Management .


UI/UX Designer

Jessica graduated with Summa Cum Laude from Cornell university.Over 5 years of experience in this field. Seeking to be the link between the creative minds and technology things.